A solar water heating system is composed of a solar thermal collector, a stainless steel heat insulating water storage tank, an auxiliary heat source, a control system, a heat collecting circulating pump and hot water pipes. The system uses flat-pane heat collectors which effectively collects solar energy, heating the water in the storage tank by circulation heat. The water tank has good heat insulation, and hence heat loss to the surroundings is small. The control system effectively uses solar energy and reduces the use of auxiliary energy, maximising the utilization ratio of solar energy.

Properties of Singyes Solar's Solar Water Heating System:

  • Heat efficiency of the solar thermal collectors is high for the whole day, utilization ratio of solar energy is high;
  • Solar thermal collectors use all-copper heat collecting pipe, which can withstand high pressure and has a long life;
  • Solar thermal collectors use continuous type seamless materials, resistant to extreme high and low temperatures and is anti-aging;
  • Heat conversion system can adapt to the needs of places of different climates, use different heat conducting media, and raise the antifreeze property;
  • Its simple and artistic design is suitable for various installation styles, which is easy to blend with buildings. It achieves the integration of solar energy and construction.
  • Important parts of the system are products of Singyes Solar, therefore they are of good quality, low failure rates and are easy to maintain.
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