Advantages of the flat-pane solar thermal collector structure:The tube plate is formed by a heat absorbing copper plate, of which the calandria and the panel are connected in a certain way, and welded with the upper and lower headers to form a heat absorbing panel. The calandria and the panel are welded by using ultrasonic or laser.

Singyes Solar has a flat-pane solar thermal collector production line which can produce 1000m2 of heat collectors daily. Ultrasonic and laser are used to weld the panels, and all the key processes are done automatically. On average, a heat collector is offline every minute, which is one of the leading flat solar thermal collector production lines in China.

    Comparison between flat plate heat collectors and evacuated tube collectors:

  • Great thermal properties:The flat-pane solar thermal collector has high thermal efficiency, little loss of heat, high thermal absorbance of 95%, and no thermal contact resistance.
  • Ability to withstand great pressure:The flat solar thermal collector adopts a metal flow channel structure, which can withstand a great pressure of 0.6Mpa. Vacuum tube collectors do not run smoothly under pressure easily, and products which can withstand pressure has complicated structures, high costs, short life and break down easily.
  • Convenience:The flat solar thermal collector can withstand pressure and runs automatically. The water tank and the heat-collector can be placed separately. It is easy to assemble and convenient to use.
  • Cold insulation:The flat solar thermal collector uses antifreeze or vacuum type cold insulation technique, which provides good cold insulation, hence enables it to run all year round.
  • Safety:The flat solar thermal collector adopts an all-metal flow channel structure, and uses tempered glass as the cover, making it safe from the danger of breaking or exploding easily like vacuum tubes.
  • Long life and low failure rate:The flat solar thermal collector adopts an all-metal flow channel structure, unlike the concentric tubes used by vacuum tube collectors, and can prevent leakage. The strength of tempered glass is high and has a usage life is as long as 25 years. It boasts a low failure rate and requires low maintenance cost.
  • Blends well with the building exterior:The structure, thermal property and long life of the flat solar thermal collector enable it to blend better with the building as a building unit, avoiding the awkwardness of vacuum tube collectors, which affects the appearance of buildings.
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