Singyes Solar entered into solar selective absorbing coating industry with high starting level and high standard. We have established the first roll to roll sputtering solar selective absorbing coating production line in China, breaking the monopolization of imported overseas selective absorbing coating. We have advanced automated selective absorbing coating production equipment, including substrate ultrasonic cleaning lines, magnetron sputtering coating lines, automatic coating lines, adjustable vertical and horizontal cutting lines, industrial pure water production system, industrial water cooling system, a series of testing equipment, etc. Through specialized, refined and standardized management, we can provide high-quality environment-friendly SYE-SolarAluminum products to domestic and overseas customers. Meanwhile, we strive in precise and traceable control from raw materials selection, process control, manufacturing to sales and after-sales services to fulfill our ultimate goal of 100% user satisfaction.

SYE-SolarAluminum has been fully tested by the National Solar Hot Water Inspection Center. All technical specifications of our products have reached or exceeded national standards. With world-advanced level high heat absorption efficiency, our products have been widely accepted and welcomed in the market. We can provide SYE-SolarAluminum with different sizes and dimensions, including the whole volume, sheets or strips to meet the needs of various customers.

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