Smart LCD Dimming glass theory and function

Dimming glass is a new type of product that inserts a layer of liquid crystal in between two layers of glass, and is glued together through high temperature and pressure, which forms a layered structure. Users control the glass’ transparency and opaque condition through the supply of voltage. The glass itself has all the features of safety glass, but it also has the privacy protection ability by controlling the transparency of the glass. Using Singyes Solar’s Smart LCD Dimming Film’s compressed dimming glass can perform the following:

Item Unit Specification Testing method and standard
Outlook quality / Fulfils standard requirement  
Size tolerance millimeter Fulfils standard requirement
Curvature millimeter Fulfils standard requirement
Parallel light transmittance On / / /
Off / /
Haze On / / /
Off / /
UV cutoff rate On     /
Visual vision On Angle   Laser light source Photomultiplier tube
Reaction time Off Millisecond  
On Millisecond  
Rated voltage Off Voltage   Multimeter
Power consumption On Watt/ square meter   Multi-parameter electrical measuring instrument
Least privacy distance Off Millisecond   Eye-sight
Heat tolerance / Fulfils standard requirement  
Humidity tolerance / Fulfils standard requirement  
Irradiation resistance / Fulfils standard requirement  
Strike impact stripping performance / Fulfils standard requirement  
Shotgun impact performance /    
Sound insulation performance /    
Heat insulation performance / Fulfils standard requirement  
Vibration performance Hour    
Service life On times >80 million  
Number of switches      

    Smart LCD Dimming glass’ application

    Anywhere that uses glass would be able to use the Smart LCD dimming glass. Its main function is

  • Switches glass’ transparency quickly, protects privacy,
  • Large projector screen, enables glass to become animated
  • Adjusts light, energy-saving as well as creating a comfortable environment.

All the above functions can be used in places such as hotels, conference rooms, control rooms, building lighting roof, etc

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