Smart LCD dimming film’s theory and function

The above diagram is a structure of a smart LCD dimming film. Singyes Solar utilizes high-technology to prepare ITO layer on PET masks, creating a soft and transparent conductive ITO film. In between the two layers of ITO film, there is a layer of PDLC to create a dimming film.

The above diagram explains the operation of Smart LCD Dimming Film. When the Smart LCD Dimming Film is turned on, the PDLC particles line up orderly under the impact of the electric field. The refractive index of materials would be similar, which drastically reduces light from scattering, and the Smart LCD Dimming Film would be clear. When the Smart LCD Dimming Film is turned off, PDLC particles scatter, refractive index of materials becomes imbalanced, the dimming film would create intense light scattering, which would present as milk white, tea, or black colored film. Hence the adjustment of the Smart LCD Dimming Film’s supply voltage enables the film’s gradual change of light.

Singyes Solar’s Smart LCD Dimming Glass products’ functionality are exceptional, have excellent optimal performance and solid practical stability. The detailed figures are as shown below:

1.Performance Quality

LCD dimming film’s appearance must be color, haze and transparency balanced; the two layers of ITO conducive films must be held together without any signs of peeling; the surface must not have any folds, black spots, or wave patterns; no obvious debris, and the amount of acceptable unremovable adhesives, foreign bodies, empty spots, scratches, etc. are as listed below

Item Judging standard Measuring Tool
Foreign body, empty spots, dark spots, etc dot-shaped defect / Doesn’t count Eye-sight
/ /
/ Not allowed
Dense Not allowed
Line-shaped defect / Doesn’t count Eye-sight
/ /
/ Not allowed
Dense Not allowed
Cloud-shaped, fibre-shaped spots Cannot see spots beyond 1 meter Doesn’t count Eye-sight
Can see spots beyond 1 meter /
Can see dense spots beyond 1 meter Not allowed


  • Dense: when there are 4 or more defects, each within 200mm distance is considered as dense
  • While checking, the front and back of dimming film needs to be maintained between 300-500 lux; checker’s eyes and dimming film should have more than 1 meter of distance, eye sight and dimming film should be stright
2.Photoelectric performance

Singyes Smart LCD Dimming Film product’s operational voltage is 70W (50Hz), film becomes transparent with voltage charging, and opague without coltage (matte effect). Its detailed functionality is shown as below:

Item Unit Specification Testing method and standard
Power consumption On Watt/ square meters   Multi-parameter electrical measuring instrument
Full light transmittance On Off    
On Off  
Haze On Off  
On Off  
Visual vision On Angle   Laser light source Photomultiplier tube
Reaction time On Mili second  
Off Mili second  
Service life On hour    
Testing item Condition Specification requirements
High temperature testing 70 degrees, 240 hours
  • No abnormalities on appearance
  • Photoelectric performance normal
  • Strong dimming film recovery structure, peeling strength should not be lowered for more than 5%
Low temperature testing -20 degrees, 240 hours
High temperature and high humidity testing 70 degrees, 90% humidity level, 240 hours
High-low temperature testing -20 degrees, 30 mins, 70 degrees, 30 mins; repeat cycle 50 times

    Smart LCD Dimming Film’s application

  • Projector screen: the dimming film has a layer of lined liquid crystal molecules, which is what creates the clear and detailed dimming glass imaging.
  • Compressed as dimming glass or self-adhesive dimming film to use, utilizing the glass’ dimming function, as well as the projector screen’s function.

Self-adhesive Smart LCD dimming film

Self-adhesive Smart LCD dimming film’s theory

Self-adhesive smart LCD dimming film is Singyes Solar’s unique product developed from the foundation of dimming films. Singyes Solar’s smart LCD dimming film’s surface has been processed with hardening treatment, where its hardness reaches 3H, and can avoid PET mask’s scratches and can be stuck on to the surface of glass, providing normal glass the effect of a dimming glass.

Self-adhesive smart LCD dimming film’s application

Directly paste on the surface of normal glass can enable the function of a smart LCD dimming glass, suitable for reconstruction projects, without having to change the entire glass.

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