Building integrated photothermal technology is a technology that applies solar thermal collectors on construction, and converts solar energy to thermal energy, providing hot water, heating and air-conditioning. The research and practice of the integration of solar energy and construction is an important direction of future studies and usage of solar energy.

Societe Generale staff dormitory roof solar light and heat engineering

Leveraging on an advanced solar heat-collector component production line and the experience of working out constructing curtain wall systems solutions, Singyes Solar has gained the design and construction experience of various complicated building integrated photothermal projects. We can place solar thermal collectors at the exterior of the building like terraces, roofs, aisles and the wall surfaces according to local environment, forming a solar water heating system which blends well with the building. It provides a solar water heating system for large-scale buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools and factories, lowering the cost of hot water generation for the above mentioned organisations.

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