Whilst chasing for self-development, Singyes Solar also holds community responsibility to its heart, and tries its best to become a good corporate citizen.

Energy Conservation Since its establishment, Singyes Solar has been the role model of green corporations through competitive advantage and unique features in the renewable energy industry, particularly in the fields of photovoltaic/ light and heat building integration, and intelligent micro-grid. Every year, Singyes Solar completes a huge amount of Solar power generation projects, reducing oil and carbon resources, as well as the release of harmful substance such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.
Our company holds the mission of “taken from community, given back to community”. Whilst we develop our business, we actively participate in community responsibility projects that are solar-related. We promote low carbon lifestyle, and spread the concept of harmony.

Youth Education
Singyes Solar and United International College held a practice site signing ceremony, fulfilling school and corporation’s complementary advantages, and nurture talent for the community and market.

In 2012, the company’s donated photovoltaic power generation system to Wulian County Shandong Province’s First Secondary School is complete, powered and in-use. The system configured the communication and monitoring system, which helps the power generation system’s operational performance, where errors and underlying problems can be checked quickly and dealt with immediately.

In 2013, Singyes Solar donated 100 desks and chair to Hunan Province Quan Town Xinyang’s primary school, where students can bid farewell to their damaged old desks.

In 2013, teachers and students from Ya’an Lushan Middle School and reporters from Zhuhai Little Master Newspaper visited Singyes Solar. They visited solar power energy technology, explored the mystery of solar energy application, and experienced the modern corporation’s culture. There were activities to educate youths about solar energy application industry, which plant the seeds of the concept of energy saving and energy protection in youths’ mind.

Helping the Economy
Singyes Solar actively uses solar energy technology to provide help in remote areas. The company donated a solar power hot water system to the Tibetans in Daofu County, Ganzi Prefecture, Northwest Sichuan province. The company has also built a solar power energy generation for Tribute to Five Blessing Nursing Home in Qinghai Yushu, in which the construction is completed within the same and has successfully generate power. The off-grid power station satisfies the nursing home’s daily power demand for nearly 90 people, bringing light to the elderlies.

(April 2010) after the 7.1 earthquake that happened in Qinghai Yushu, Singyes Solar immediately started donation work, donating RMB$500 thousand to the affected area, and fully supporting the disaster relief work. On 24 April, 2013, the party committee and all employees fundraised for the Ya’an disaster area, where they have raised RMB$41,579.2, sending care and warmth to the Ya’an people. When one needs help, everyone supports; after the Wenchuan earthquake, the Southwest Five provinces drought, after any disaster that raises national concern, Singyes Green Building will always lead its employees to send love where it is needed.

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