Singyes Solar always implemented the concept of “harmonious Singyes and collaborative development”, actively creating an equal, harmonious and initiative working environment, providing supports for staff in different aspects of work and life. The Group has formed a unique corporate culture since long ago.

Singyes Solar actively provides staff with good career prospects by organizing different external and internal trainings to enhance their integrated skills. A technician service system that is recognized by professional title examination can also be established through various types of professional trainings. In addition, the Group also offers in-service postgraduate courses with Hefei University of Technology, and makes good connections with other universities such as Jilin University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Tongji University and Hefei University of Technology, to provide more opportunities for further study to the employees.

Singyes Solar Union is a staff association, which serves and provides assistance to its employees. The recreational club under the union consists of a number of sports committee including soccer, badminton, tennis, swimming and hiking etc., endeavoring to enrich employees’ leisure time.

Singyes Solar Art Troupe was founded in December 2010, playing an important role in different internal and external company events. Not only does it enhance the image of Singyes, but also displays the healthiness and positivity of its staff.

New Year Games, Spring Festival Night and Mid-Autumn Festival Night are regular group activities every year. The New Year Games on New Year's Eve will display the energetic and courageous spirits of Singyes’ people. The Spring Festival Night is a large-scale gathering for every employee to stay together and celebrate. The Mid-Autumn Festival Night allows everyone to create nice memories with laughter and warmth from Singyes.

Singyes also established a “Caring Fund”, which encourages employees to help the needy with all their efforts. The fund has provided aids to those in crisis or with financial needs, spreading love and care to everyone in the big family of Singyes.

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